Mobile Solutions  

  • Smartphones plays an important role in this era. we make it possible for you by providing wide range of options based on handsets, to increase business opportunities by providing advanced App's.
  • For us work is everything and we strive to achieve promised results. we are here to hear perceive what precisely our client’s requisite is, understand the prospect and then to engender a base and work on it. we work always on a platform responsive teamwork acts as back bone to join data, ingenuity and technology.
  • With the gigantic development experience in the preferred mobile platforms, we develop and distribute secure Android app and IOS apps terribly, efficiently, availing to reach the client expeditious. our team has expertise in developing mobile apps utilizing advanced cross development platforms.
  • When we take on a client, we handle the entire mobile solution process from start to culminate, and stick around for perpetual support if needed. our mobile app maintenance sanctions to monitor app utilization and make growth in order to get the best results.

We develop native and hybrid mobile applications for e-Commerce and non-e-Commerce cognate business cases. our expertise in UI/UX design will ensure that both server and the mobile side, enable us to be your one stop destination for a terminus-to- end business implementation.

Our Offerings

Android Application Development

  • An operating system developed by search engine giant Google, Android is the most commonly preferred OS in today's mobile handsets.
  • CHS offer Android development platformss by building apps include developing and executing Android applications that can be accessed trends among mobile users.

IOS Application Development

  • Our cutting-edge IOS development accommodations and team will avail you with compiling, developing and launching the most desired apps preferred by iPhone, iPad and other Apple product users.

Mobile Integration with PLC's

  • For Industrial customers, Distribution of services,regularlly engage CHS to work hands-on with their operations team to automate PLC's(PROGRAMABLE LOGIC CONTROLLER), SCADA (SUPERVISORY CONTROL AND DATA ACQUISITION) systems and provide real time transaction data to the systems. In addition to this integration with custom software development and Cloud application development for industrial businesses.
  • We have an astronomical experience in manufacturing software development, software integration, remote monitoring, Cloud application development and PLC,SCADA integration improves utilizers productivity at manufacturing facilities.

We offer a mobile operated software solutions for PLC,SCADA integation services as per the client’s Requirement.

Not only this, We also offer any kind of solutions as per client Requirements. for more information just drop email