Wireless Attendance Solutions  

Biometric Attendance Solution (BAS) is designed for any kind of enterprises. BAS gives a quickest and easiest way to overcome your time tracking issues (IN and OUT status). It works with very user friendly Like GPRS/WIFI interface. Handling of device and application can be easily used without any redundant trainings.

  • We provide a complete Cloud-based time and attendance system that manages complete employee scheduling, absenteeism, overtime,worktime,latetime and more.
  • We simplifies the tedious tasks involved with monitoring employee time and attendance, labour tracking, and data aquiring. Our thoroughly automated time-tracking software — working in tandem with our data accumulation devices — avails you control labour costs, reduce risk and improve workforce productivity and acces anywhere with encrypted credentials.
  • We also offer time attendance system that counter full-fledged technical support departed by our experienced engineers and serve you with the exact perquisites of maintaining security aids in your organization. We own the dedicated team of specialized engineers who posse's technical knowledge of developing face attendance system following your requirement to keep an eye on the actual records of your large number of employees and that too for a long period of time.

Regardless of the number of locations your organization is present in, you’ll find that our unique configurable Cloud Based Application makes it easier to handle complex attendance logics and overtime calculations through a single-integrated platform.


Wireless biometric solutions

  • We offer a complete Wireless Biometric Attendance Systems(GPRS/WIFI) with full access control over web portals.

Mobile Based Attendance solutions

  • We provide complete Attendance solutions by using latest Geo-fencing technolgy and authenticated either Fingerprint / Face recognisation.

Employee based solutions

  • Employee based attendance solutions over GPS with access control .

CipherHub Solutions help clients to measure, analyze and manage employees working time and deploy human resources more efficiently.

Not only this, We also offer any kind of solutions as per client Requirements. for more information just drop email info@cipherhub.com